Find a Grave Community Days

Find a Grave Community Days are here again, October 4-6, 2019!

Are you a graver, a taphophile, a cemetery enthusiast, or do you know others who might be? This is the time to share your interests and plan or join a Cemetery Meetup to photograph gravestones and preserve history. The work you do in cemeteries is appreciated by people all over the world. Cemeteries draw us in. The headstones record lives lived, vital information, and even discovery of more about the person from the stone’s inscription and icons. Finding, photographing, and creating a memorial on Find a Grave preserves history for generations, while memorializing and honoring those that have gone before us.

We’ve all run across a stone partially covered in moss, soil, sunken or containing a faded inscription and wished it had been photographed sooner, like this interesting and beautiful one here. Find a Grave Community Days is the perfect chance to record history before it’s too late!

To plan or join a local cemetery meetup for Find a Grave Community Days follow the instructions here. If you aren’t already a member of the Find a Grave Forums you’ll need to register an account at This is a separate registration from the main site. Check the map and see what cemetery meetups have been planned near you – then register and join up. If you don’t see a scheduled event near you, then gather your family, friends, civic or church group and plan a meetup!

For helpful tips, check out some other blog posts such as our Cemetery Guide, tips on photographing headstones, pinning GPS locations while at the cemetery, and becoming a Photo Volunteer.

Thank you for joining Find a Grave Community Days 2019!

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  1. Thank you for creating this opportunity! I will share with my genealogical society.

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