Photo Volunteers and Photo Request

Whether you have a spare 15 minutes or an entire afternoon, you can make someone’s day by fulfilling a headstone photo request.

Why Photograph Headstones?

Headstones often contain a treasure trove of information. In addition to names, headstones might include birthdate and place, death date, the names of family members, unique inscriptions, symbols or icons, and other clues to religion, military service, fraternal organizations, and more. A simple headstone photograph can unlock the door to additional genealogical research! For example, the admirable castle on the headstone here is the logo for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

How Does Photo Request Work?

Members request a headstone photo from a memorial page by clicking on “Request Photo.” Photo Volunteers claim the request – then have 14 days to photograph the headstone and upload it to the memorial page. Anyone visiting a cemetery can fulfill a photo request on the spot using the Find A Grave app.

Two options: Find A Grave website and Find A Grave App

Where Do I Find open Photo Requests on the website?

  • Click on the Photo Requests icon in the upper right corner.

Open Requests: Easily find photo requests near you using the dropdown menus on this page. Choose a search radius of 5, 10, 25, and 50 miles or choose and sort from the other dropdown menus.

Where Do I Find open Photo Requests in the Find A Grave app?

•Be sure to enable Location Services in your Settings.

Notifications for open Photo Requests display on the Search page or are shown under Cemetery Search, marked with green pins. Tap the notifications or cemetery to see the full list.

Find a Grave App- iOS

Find a Grave App- Android

How do I Claim and Fulfill a Photo Request on the website?

  • To Claim a photo request, click under in the upper right corner or Claim from the memorial page.
  • To Fulfill a photo request, click under in the upper right corner or Fulfill from then memorial page.

How do I Claim and Fulfill a Photo Request on the app?

  • (iOS) Tap “Requested” to claim the Photo Request. Tap “Claimed” > “Fulfill” to upload the headstone photo. 
  • (Android) Tap “Requested” to claim the photo request and then “Fulfill Photo Request” > “Fulfill” to upload the headstone photo.

How do I become a Photo Volunteer?

  • Click on Account in the dropdown menu under your member name. Click on Photo Volunteer and check the box, “I would like to be a Photo Volunteer.” 

Sign up to receive Photo Request emails by clicking on Notifications and checking the box, “Email me with new photo requests in my area.” Be sure to Save Changes.

How do I adjust Photo Volunteer settings in the app?

• Edit your profile and adjust the settings.

Find a Grave App- iOS

Find a Grave App- Android

What else can I do to help?

While you are at the cemetery fulfilling photo requests you can photogragh other headstones, pin GPS locations, and create new memorials if they haven’t yet been added.

We love your success stories and hearing about the happiness that you and the Photo Request program are spreading. Its success is because of people like you, who are willing to give their time and energy to help others with their research. Thanks for paying it forward and giving back to your fellows in the Find a Grave Community.


  1. AS soon as I receive an email for a find as grave request, the photo request has been fulfilled, are members using software to do this, hence I can no longer fulfil requests, where as I used to fulfil lots of requests.

    • Hi Stephen, we can only assume that there must be a lot of photo volunteers in your area. But, we can look into this further. We’ll need details and screenshots sent to

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