We appreciate you!

Thanks to all involved in Find a Grave Community Days. We hope you enjoyed participating! Community Days is a great way to get to know other gravers in your local community. 

Our support team spent Friday morning at the cemetery photographing headstones and uploading them through the Find a Grave app. There were quite a number of us, each working row by row in different sections.

We did notice a couple of things while we were out. Next time, we’ll be sure to bring more chargers to power any older phones. Also, we’ll plan to go at a different time of day because of shadows cast on the stone. We respectfully held or moved items out of the way, to remove the shadow, and then made sure they were put right back into the same position after photographing. Photographing headstones is hard work and we sure appreciate you!

It was nice to enjoy the good weather and join in the cemetery work of our remarkable community of volunteers. Thank you again for all your efforts!

-Find a Grave Team


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