Find a Grave Sponsorship Survey

Find a Grave is a free site, supported by a mix of on-site advertising, financial support from Ancestry and memorial sponsorships. We often get requests for different sponsorship options, so we’ve created this short survey about your experience with sponsorships on the site and some potential additional sponsorship options.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete.

Thank you!


  1. I have inquired from FINDAGRAVE extensively through the years, also a registered user. There are a few hundred grave pictures from my posting for the eastern half of Canada.

  2. The survey ranking page is not functioning as it appears, and there is no instructions, so not completed. KISS

    • Hi Stephen, if you select and move one option on the list (what you are ranking), the numbers will show up on the left side. You can drag and drop them in the order you’d like for ranking.

  3. I believe Findagrave provides an excellent research tool for genealogy research, plus a management tool for a rural cemetery which I help manage. If Findagrave can only survive by receiving support from advertising it is worth any inconvenience caused.

  4. As stated previously, the ranking feature is not working. I have 11,000+ memorials which is tiny compared to many of us. Love Find a Grave. I work with many municipalities shoring up their records. My volunteer *time* is as much or more value to you as someone who sponsors.

    • Hi Sandy, have you tried selecting one from the list and moving it? Afterward, numbers will show up on the left hand side of the list and you can place them in order by dragging and dropping. We’ve tested it and it seems to be working. If not, can you share your device and browser with us?

  5. I really like Find a Grave but the Ads are so Annoying I don’t use it as often as I used to. A while back I had paid $5.00 to be rid of them. That seems better to me than sponsoring different pages.

  6. Find a Grave is an invaluable genealogical tool made possible by dedicated contributors working continually; a labor of love. The website itself is well organized, maintained, and updated. It is a unique service provided to all people at no cost. It is unique…

  7. I do not like the ads. Before Ancestry took over the site it was easy to use and I collected information. Seems like a chore now. I feel the same about ancestry. It seem more difficult to use. I have paid, but haven’t used it that much as it is cumbersome. I can never seem to access what I am trying to get to.

  8. I like Find a Grave, and find it’s often a useful tool. I found 3x great grandparents’ graves because of Find a Grave.

  9. I tried the survey but about the third question, the page would not allow me to make a selection so I left the survey. Just FYI.

  10. I tried to fill out the survey, but where I’m supposed to rank why I sponsor it doesn’t work. If I click one of them, it tells me I have to rank them all, if I click all of them it only still clicks only one.

    • You should be able to click and drag the individual list items to put the in the order you would like to. Are you not able to drag them around? If not, could you send an email to and tell us a little about the browser and operating system you are using? Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

    • On ranking questions you should be able to click and drag the individual list items to put them in the order you would like to. If this is not your experience, could you send an email to and share your browser and operating system and any other details? Thanks for your help.

  11. I love all of the Gravesites and also I am sad of all the great people who made this world a great one!

  12. Your ranking questions lack operational direction.(move the boxes vs click on the box).
    I do not have an issue with ads to keep site free within reason.
    You mention addition options like no ads, but do not state what the additional features could be.

  13. I continue to be irked by memorial managers who decline suggested edits and then send a message to my profile, while their own profile is marked “not accepting messages” which prevents me from replying to their comments.

  14. I feel having ads pop-up on memorials very inappropriate and somewhat disrespectful, however, I know the site must be paid for in some manner. I am, therefore, more than willing to pay the one time $5.00 fee for no ads on my ancestor sites. Find a Grave is a very worthwhile site especially when the memorial includes some biographical or obituary information. I know not everyone agrees that more information than just what is found on the gravestone should be a part of the memorial but I feel the person was more than just DOB and DOD. The additional information adds value to their life and their time on this earth and sometimes helps distinguish between two people with the same name.

  15. I do not add new memorials to find a grave. I have paid $5.00 for the few I sponsor (family members)
    Ads have, at times appeared regardless of payments. Other FG members have posted memorials & photos for me. I have provided photos willingly. I make sure the person who does this wants to. It is a family member or someone I know.

  16. I love the current sponsorship as it isn’t too expensive but honours my deceased relatives and friends.

  17. I did the survey but it would allow me to leave comments or do ranking. As an example if I rated number three as most important it would list it as three not one. Please fix the survey so you get the proper results.

    • We need a bit more information so we can troubleshoot. Could you send an email to and share your browser and operating system and any other details about comments or ranking? Feel free to attach screenshots. Thanks for your help and sorry for this trouble.

  18. When I first started to get Find a Grave as a hint I loved the page with all of the information shown in a pinkish block. I was able to download the “photo” that could then be used as a profile image. Not so much the current method which if I want the information it can only be printed as a PDF. Would be nice if the old “photo” was at least a choice. Other than that, I really like FG and wish more ancestors were uploaded.

  19. I found it impossible to complete the survey because all qns which involved options of 1 to 6 could only be answered in straight 1 to 6 order!

    • You should be able to click and drag the individual list items to put the in the order you would like to. Are you not able to drag them around? If not, could you send an email to and share your browser and operating system and any other details?

  20. I breezed through the survey. Only one question seemed inaccessible, that on personal comments on how I use Findagrave. That would have been interesting. I’m not enthusiastic about the ads, but realize that there must be sources of revenue. The $5 cost of sponsorship I don’t believe has changed in the 10+ years I’ve used the site, and it’s been nice to honor ancestors I never knew, or friends, relations and mentors I had lost contact with. Infrequently there are inappropriate ads for, say, underwear, and I have gone through channels to complain. All in all, Findagrave is a terrific website and I hope the information added will endure for centuries to come.

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