BloomBridge and Find a Grave®

Find a Grave® members can leave a virtual flower on the memorials of loved ones, but for those who want to do more, we wanted to highlight our collaboration with BloomBridge.

BloomBridge is a young business started by Kristen Allen, who is also a long-serving Find a Grave volunteer. Kristen has always enjoyed leaving floral tributes on the graves of her loved ones. Kristen’s grandmother always said, “When it’s my time, don’t you let me be the only one out there without flowers.” Kristen assured her that she would not. But that promise became harder to keep when she moved away from her hometown. After much thought, the idea of BloomBridge was born.

BloomBridge allows customers to order and schedule silk flower arrangement deliveries to the gravesite of their loved ones. This makes it possible to keep the gravesite decorated and cared for, even from a distance. They use delivery drivers (a.k.a. BloomBridge Runners) to make the final-mile delivery. When the flower arrangement is delivered, a picture of the flower arrangement at the gravesite is sent to the customer as a delivery confirmation. This picture provides an added benefit to the customer who wants to ensure the gravesite is maintained and cared for. 

In December 2022, we started working with BloomBridge to bring this service to our Find a Grave community. We added a “Flower Delivery” button on memorial pages for burials in the United States. By clicking this link,  the user is taken to a unique BloomBridge page called “Grave Flowers” that passes along the memorial’s gravesite location information from Find a Grave. This makes the whole process easier!   

To take advantage of a BloomBridge floral delivery, just click this button on a Find a Grave memorial. We hope this service can help you as you remember and honor your family and friends.


      • I was at my local cemetery today and refinished another urn. It’s fall here in Upstate NY so I can’t fill it with flowers until spring. I find that Dupli Color car spray paint works wonders with the urns and flows nicely filling in many of the cracks of the old paint. This makes about 7 I’ve done this year. I waited on this one as there was a hornet’s nest under the top rim of it. I’ll go back in the spring with silk flowers for them all. Hope this helps anyone with their plots.

  1. Very good, but if you leave word at a flower shop they can do the same thing!

  2. I am so happy to see this service offered. It would be nice if a significant discount was offered for multiple family burials at a cemetery. Otherwise it can be very cost prohibitive

  3. Smart idea to develop a service to deliver silk flowers to grave markers. The link to the business did not work

    • Hi Mary, from a memorial with a burial in the U.S. click on “Flower Delivery” and that will take you to the BloomBridge site.

      • Does this cost anything? I can think of a lot of relatives to send this to

      • Hi Sarah, you can learn more about prices and placing an order here on the Bloom-Bridge website.

  4. This is a great idea. One question. You say they get the gravesite location info from Find a Grave, but a good percentage of memorials have no plot info, just cemetery info – do you or they have access to burial records? If not, how do they find the graves? – some cemeteries are huge and could take hours of roaming to find someone.

    • That’s true, not all memorials have the plot location. On the Bloom-Bridge site, during the order process, they share that their experts will find the grave location. Details can also be provided during the order process.

      • Wow! I know I’ve often spent hours in cemeteries that have no offices trying to find graves. There are also some I’ve never gotten to and would have no idea how to help them find the grave. This is great that they have experts that can locate them for us and take pics. I wonder if the pics will have gps?! How wonderful that would be.

      • Don’t know if this is the flag to reply to pat p but if that is possible that would be tremendous but, I seriously doubt it I had a distant cousin who KNEW that some of our family members were buried there but declined to add them to the cemetery book she put out for it 😭.
        Most recorders fail to research a cemetery for those lost souls whether through newspapers, mortuary records ect they just walk it and record what they see if a stone is too degraded walk on past it.

  5. What an awesome idea, thank you, Kristen. While I now live in Ohio, my late husband and his whole family are buried in Kentucky. I make the trip twice a year, sometimes more, so it is wonderful to know I could rely on someone else to do it.

    • & this is why When I visit any cemetery I always check which memorials need GPS added to memorials using the Find a Grave app. & that makes it easier to find any memorial for any reason.

    • Currently, the service provides silk flowers. You could contact them and ask. The contact information is at the bottom of this page.

  6. It is a lovely idea, however, many cemeteries no longer allow artificial flowers/plants since they are not biodegradable. Now that Find a Grave is partnering with Bloombridge and enabling flower delivery from the memorial page, it will be necessary to add any floral requirements to each cemetery’s listing and disable silk flower delivery where restricted.

  7. Not all cemeteries allow silk flowers. Does BloomBridge have a list of cemeteries that only allow natural flowers?

  8. Great idea, if it ever moves to Australia please let us know would love to help❤️

  9. You will not be able to leave artificial flowers at any Forest Lawn cemeteries in California as they are not allowed.

  10. While this is a wonderful idea, it should also be noted that before this service is used. Either the service or the family member should check with the cemetery before purchasing artificial flowers for their loved ones, as some do not permit artificial flowers. I have several family members whose graves are at one of these ” no artificial flowers” rules is enforced and artificial flowers are promptly removed. Would hate to have someone pay for them only to have them tossed by one of these cemeteries.

    • Most cemeteries I find will allow natural flowers, but they will probably be removed weekly or so. Some even allow you to plant a garden. In reverse, mausoleums with cremated remains allow artificial flowers only or remove natural ones frequently.

  11. This is wonderful!

    You can always check with local florists to see if they’ll deliver to gravesites, as some do.

  12. These are all good ideas. My question is that some “well maintained” cemeteries have strict rules, and some that disallow artificial flowers or any other momentoes on graves, and will remove them. How would we know that before ordering silk flowers?

  13. I tend to find this type of solicitation on a site that was built by volunteers being used for profit disturbing. Are we really allowing this commercialization?

    • Websites and associated administration does not come cheap. It’s an option and not a requirement.

  14. Does the service research grave decoration regulations for a cemetery ? How long will the silk flowers remain? Placement of flowers? Etc
    Love the concept but did cemetery maintenance junior high thru first year of college, some cemeteries do have strict regulations regarding when, how long, placement of grave decorations.

  15. I like the idea, but there are many nuances that may or may not have been considered. The biggest one for me is with perpetual care cemeteries. Most have a weekly schedule; however, I’ve seen some flowers removed immediately after a funeral! It would be horrible to think that the flowers we purchased through BloomBridge would go by the wayside.
    Personally, I take an assortment of flowers from Dollar Tree when I photograph a cemetery. If I have enough with me, I’ll replace some of the worn-out arrangements as well.

  16. This is a great idea! I appreciate having this option to send flowers in remembrance.

  17. I’m moving across the country and it would be nice to have flowers out on my grandfather’s grave. I miss him to this day. I wish I could have more time with him.

  18. This sounds like one alternative for grave flowers. But some cemeteries do not allow fake flowers on graves in the spring, summer, and fall. These fake flower arrangements would be removed immediately.

  19. I wonder if a disclaimer needs to be included to the effect that a number of cemeteries disallow artificial flowers, permitting only live (real) flowers. Such a disclaimer should be accompanied by information about payment and refund options for such situations.

  20. Thank you for this service. We have some cemeteries that only allow organic flowers – no plastic or silk. Will that be an option down the road? Thanks.

  21. Thank You so much for doing this!!
    I myself have Loved ones all over the country and can’t possibly visit them all.

  22. Chris Davis – That would be my concern, too. Our local rural cemetery has strict rules about how long flower arrangements are allowed to stay. It would be such a waste to have them sent only to have them promptly thrown out.

  23. Many cemeteries will not allow flowers or anything to be on a grave and other cemeteries after a few days remove flowers or other items left on a grave. It would be best for anyone wishing to send flowers to find out about the rules of each cemetery.

    • (Silk) Flower removal by memorial garden groundskeepers is a reality and would be my concern. Something like this for columbariums, above ground vaults…

  24. This seems to be a good service. Several comments approve of this idea. But there are also some concerns for good reasons. We should continue to improve this type of memorial and create new types as well. Are there any discussions here about virtual memorials like VR or AR?

  25. If looking for an unmarked grave, how will the delivery person locate it? If they go to the cemetery office, will the cemetery office add the memorial to find-a-grave for the family to visit to see the flowers on the grave? In large graveyards, it is not likely that their employees will be willing to spend the time to continuously help locate the graves in cemeteries that do not have rows marked with numbers. It is also not likely that BloomBridge will spend alot of time looking for or researching unmarked or unnumbered graves (not financially feasible). I spent one summer in my local graveyard recording grave locations on a map I created, and the church would not agree to spend the money to number the rows. I also do not think new ones are being added to find-a-grave in that yard. I am not informed when new people are buried to add them. the delay in being able to add new graves to find-a-grave does not help. In 80 rows it was near impossible to locate a grave if unmarked or marked and I was familiar with the yard. If not located by row in find-a-grave it would have been impossible without hours of searching. Many old gravestones could not be read without chalking them and some not even then. The church only had 1/2 of the graveyard showing purchaser of the lot with no record of who was buried in it, the remainder of the deaths were recorded in a dated book with no location which why I created a location map.
    Church graveyards do not have people at the church any day to help locate graves. Will BloomBridge refund the money if they cannot locate a grave and how long will they take that loss? I see problems, but I wish the drivers & purchasers luck.

  26. Unfortunately silk flowers have a life span and once this is past they become someone’s clean-up task. I volunteer at a cemetery 1 week out of a year and I spend the week filling garbage bags with silk flower petals and arrangements that from age and/or weather conditions litter the grounds. I suggest people that send silk arrangements to the gravesides of their loved ones consider sending a donation to the cemetery to assist with the efforts and expenses of clean-up.

  27. I agree with the concerns. One topic I didn’t see mentioned is how “the gravesite is maintained and cared for.” Is there a service besides placing flowers? Do they clean the stone, and trim around the base? Do they rake up their trimmings? How far do they go to “ensure the gravesite is maintained and cared for?” Any cleaning of stone and flower urns is up to family members unless you have written permission from what I understand.

  28. Both my parents are in Fort Rosecrans Military cemetery in San Diego. I believe this type of cemetery is one that has firm rules banning artificial flowers.

  29. What a wonderful service. Sure, it won’t be useful in every instance, but it helps some. My own problem is that my cemetery is in the country, and deer come down and eat the silk flowers as well as the real ones. I worry about the health of the deer who ingested these. Haven’t been able to find a solution.

  30. Find-a-Grave is owned by Ancestry. I prefer this to having to pay for using the Find-a-Grave site!

  31. Perhaps those desiring to leave silk flowers might research whether their cemetery will or will not allow silk flowers before ordering the service.

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