Edit Updates

As you probably know, we’ve been working for a while to update the Find a Grave edit system. We’ve just released an update to the site that brings the latest changes to all memorials on the site and updates pages where you process edits that have been suggested to memorials you manage.

A lot of the important work for these updates is behind the scenes to modernize the code, but it has allowed us to make some nice updates to the process now and will make it easier for us to improve the edit process in the future.

Some improvements you may notice with this change include:

• The ability to suggest edits for all fields, including Bios and Burial Details.

• The option to add a note explaining and providing support for the edits you are suggesting.

• A way to mark the memorial of a veteran.

• An option for members to mark (or suggest that a memorial page be marked) as a Cenotaph or Monument (formerly Memorial Site) without contacting support. To see these options, click “Additional grave marker options” just below Gravesite Details.

• A cancel option on the Suggest Edits page, so that if you change your mind or make a mistake, you can easily cancel a suggestion you have made there before the manager processes it.

• An edit in one field will no longer lock related fields. (Notice the name fields in the image above)

These updates will make it easier to suggest edits, but we know there will still be reasons to contact a manager, so we’ve added a “Contact manager” option that lets you send them a message.

We’ve also made important updates to the Suggested Edits page where you process edits suggested for memorial pages you manage. These changes support the new edit options, simplify the processing of edits and include:

• Options to accept or decline individual parts of a suggested edit.

• A comparison tool for reviewing edits suggested for long text fields like the bio and inscription.  This tool includes some different viewing options to help you evaluate the changes and color choices for people with different viewing abilities. You can also edit longer text suggestions in this tool before accepting it by clicking the “Modify” button.

• A quick view of the main grave photo to help you review suggestions. You’ll find the preview by clicking the thumbnail image on the left of the suggested edit.

• Improved search, grouping and sorting options for edits.

You can learn more about suggesting edits from these articles on our support site:

This has been a big project and we really appreciate the help of everyone who has given us feedback, helped with testing new ideas or pitched in in any way. We hope you’ll find these updates helpful. If you have feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment on this page.


  1. With this new software change, I’m now not seeing anywhere that shows which member is submitting the requested edits?

    Never understood why in the world an “approve all” feature has ever used, either…. unless requested edit verification is not actually being done to maintain Find a Grave’s memorial accuracy. Why bother to manage a gazillion memorials if you simply intend to hit one button to approve all changes?
    A robot could do that… just saying.

    • If you are on a browser on a phone, you can see what member suggested the edit by looking under “By” after it shows Current/Suggested.

      • I use it all the time. I do so much research, every day, 4-6 hours..along with others, as do many others in my area, that we all “know” one another, and we all do excellent work..so when we get edits from one another, we automatically accept them. makes it much easier. also easier if you manage many memorials. not so much waiting for non-active members. I manage almost 74k memorials, so far I have not been overwhelmed. 1st thing is to run own the list accepting all those so called “frivolous” edits. I accept edits every morning and thorugh out the day.. because I am a true addict! so many fascinating lives out there just waiting to get out..

        as for all of those inactive members? I always wonder why they are here. I believe they need to get active or go… they clog up the system.. auto edits accepted after 21 days.. ? how much bad info has been added over the years?

    • I have an unrelated problem that i just noticed in the last hour.
      Started last night. I entered 4-5 NEW MEMORIALs 9last night and added obituary, connected the husband and wife. They ARE NOT showing up now. In the last hour I entered 3-4 NEW memorial in Sunset Memorial Garden Cemetery. I have gone back and forth 5-6 times. They are NOT showing up. I did them again, still not showing up. I can’t connect the spouses because they are not there!!!!
      Is this a problem with FaG right now. They arent’ showing up as being buried in the cemetery nor are they showing up as a memorial I manage on my home page.

      • We noticed this too and fixed it right away over the weekend. All the memorials you created should be showing up.

    • Not sure how to start a question, so I am replying. Love all the new features. I am fully documenting a cemetery and now adding plots. The plot numbers are not showing up in the list/thumbnail view since the updates. Previous plots are there, but not the 3 I just added today. These are my memorials.

      • Hi Sandy, we tested adding plot information to the field and it is showing up in a search. Are you still experiencing this issue?

      • FaG Team: Yes, the plot edits eventually showed up. Must have been a slow update. I added another plot early this morning and it showed up right away. Thanks for responding!

      • This appears to be resolved at some point yesterday afternoon. After auto-approves were finally turned back on, they approved, but the edits only showed in the actual memorial and not in list form for the cemetery, etc.

        Late yesterday afternoon, that appeared to resolve itself.

  2. Concerning this automatic 21 day approval for suggested edits. Does this include requests to maintain memorials? I have quite a few requests that I have sent out with no responses one way or another. These requests were done over a month ago and all are members of my family. How can I get them switched over?

    • Prior requests sent through “suggest other correction” aren’t automatically accepted. You can forward your copy of the transfer request you sent to support@findagrave.com. Also include your relationship and the fact that the member didn’t respond. We will contact the member once more to make sure that they aren’t related and go through that process. When they aren’t related or don’t respond we will transfer management of the memorial to your account.

  3. It must be a mistake because Mehitable Mathews died in 1812. Could it be the son, Benjamin Mathews (1794 -1864) that married the widow, Betsy Wilcox on October 19, 1806, in Halifax, Windham County, Vermont, instead of the dad, Benjamin Mathews (1755 – 1843)? There is also a grandson, Benjamin Mathews (1822- 1908) to add to the confusion of being three Benjamin Mathews in my family genealogy.

  4. The diagram of the new edit page looks pretty, but I can’t get to it. I’m stuck in a loop between memorial page and “to edit you must log in.” (Logging in changes nothing.) Trying to peer at a memorial through a slot between various Find A Grave banners was bad enough.

    • Hi Faye, what device and browser are you using? Are you referring to the Edit page on a memorial you manage?

      • Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing when you try to login and when you try to go to a Suggest Edits page? Please send that to support@findagrave.com. Then we can troubleshoot and see what the issue might be with your login.

  5. The Gender data currently cannot be used for searches. It would be helpful if it could serve as a search filter and thereby support the main purpose of Finding a Grave.

    So when my gender suggestion gets declined with the comment “This is obviously a male. I will no longer accept the edits when the person is obviously a male/female” I currently have no rebuttal.

    Please inform us of the timeframe for making Gender a searchable field.

    • I usually transfer to the suggester and the suggestions go with the memorial and they can do it themselves.
      Didn’t happen this time; had to approve it myself ( after I had transferred, really?)

    • Looked at my list of edits and found the edit I submitted for parents had ‘father deleted’, it would appear that the father’s memorial had been merged with another memorial, but the edit did not transfer to the merged memorial.

  6. After making suggested edits to memorials being managed by “Find a Grave” (8) sometimes the entry in my PENDING list shows that the memorial is being managed by “Find a Grave” and sometimes it instead displays the person who originally created the memorial. I think they should all be “ Find a Grave”.

    Perhaps related, I continue to receive Accepted/Declined notices for memorials I am not familiar with. This has been reported by multiple people

    • We have been working on this issue and think we have it fixed. Have you received any of these notices today after 10 AM MST? (May 25)

      • My last alien encounter was just a sort time ago at 2:02 PM eastern May 25:

        Suggested Edits Approved

        The following suggested edits you submitted for the Frank Barry (1890–1963) Find a Grave memorial have been accepted.

        Frank Barry (103950555)

        Current Suggested
        Birth Date: 1890 → 13 Dec 1890
        Death Date: 1963 → 15 Apr 1963
        Death Location: → Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin, USA
        Veteran: No → Yes

  7. Under ‘Suggested Edits-pending,’ If I have to leave my screen for a little while and come back to it to complete the corrections, the ‘Edits’ have disappeared and the screen won’t do anything, I have to start all over again. This is getting very frustrating. I’ve noticed a number of glitches that needs to be corrected.

  8. I really like the updates to the Edit system! The only thing I can think of that would be nice in addtiion to the ability to mark someone as a veteran is to be able to mark them as either MIA or KIA (especially KIA). Also, why was the icon changed from dog tags to a “v”?

    • There were numerous complaints in the comments here, as well as on the post about the new veteran designation, about the dog tags.

  9. Really liked the dog tags but not so much on the V for veterans.

    • I don’t like the “V” either. Maybe spell it out “Veteran” and make it a different color so you can SEE it. Doesn’t show up on the current background very well.

  10. You can only sort on one field. Can I suggest that for equal values for that field, that the memorials be listed in alphabetical order. It appears their current order is random and there is really no reason for that.


  12. Love all the new changes and features! Many of these are things I’ve thought “gee, why don’t they…” Many thanks for what must have been a lot of work!

  13. HI, not impressed with the “auto” ticks appearing in the Acceptance box. Often I like to check details and now I have to uncheck the boxes almost every time. It worked fine the way it was.
    Also when people now submit a bio their ID is not automatically attached so now no one can see who submitted the information.

    • Hi Geoff, we haven’t been able to replicate either of these issues. Are you still seeing them?

  14. Sorry guys, getting away from tags good, but when I saw the “v” at first I thought is was a bug on my screen. With vision issues that Just does not make it (have large text and screen at 110%) and it is still really small and not clear what it stands for, for those coming to this site for the first time. What do other cultures us as a symbol?


      • Find a Grave would have to have a flag for every country. That would be impossible (especially if a country changes it’s name and flag). I suggest just the word “Veteran” in a banner that doesn’t blend into with the background. Both the dog tags and the V are hard to see on the current background.

      • In response to the question “What do other cultures use as a symbol?” I only suggested a generic outline of a flag.

  15. Found a bug
    in edit for a suffix, I happen to go to memorial and edit screen, fixed a couple of items then noticed that Sr should have been in name (it was NOT blanked out for a suggested edit) so I added it, then remember that was the first reason I went of the memorial. Went back to check for the edit and the request to edit suffix was still there.

  16. RE Veteran Marker: Allow me to add my voice to those who recommend returning to the dog tags icon. The little ‘v’ communicates nothing to anyone who hasn’t read the explanation. Dog tags are self-explanatory and meaningful.

    • The dog tag was not an inclusive symbol and didn’t work for all cultures and wars. This is an international website and I thank FG for listening.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious the v meant veteran. I never read the reason why it was changed but i could instantly figure out its meaning

  17. Please bring back the Military Tags aka Dog Tags icon. To me that is the best way to honor our Veterans. The V is senseless. The Dog Tags icon made better sense to show that the person was Military.

    • George Washington didn’t wear dog tags.
      The important thing is that the new field is a searchable item and can act as a filter to help locate someone’s grave. A discrete symbol is all that is needed to aide in this purpose.

  18. For about the last month, the icon at the top of page that displays when there are suggestions waiting for me to approve, almost never longer works. It used to work great before. Thanks.

  19. I am already getting frustrated with the amount of people who are leaving edits to only add the Veteran icon! This should be a matter of the manager of the memorials going back and adding it at their leisure, and not be forced into doing it when someone wants to send dozens of requests to add it. Silly and unreasonable, as if they have nothing better to do.

    • Who’s “forcing” you to do it? If you don’t have the time to properly manage the memorial, leave it for 21 days, and it will auto-approve.

    • Some members prefer to research edits before accepting them. Some members send edit requests without backup or support documentation, when it would have been helpful to have. I appreciate the member’s comment about “veteran-only edits” coming in before having the chance to update their memorials in a more methodical and considered manner. Memorials do need to be opened and viewed to adequately determine whether the grave marker or bio include any veteran info. If not, some independent research may be needed to verify veteran status. This does take time and some members have lots of memorials to manage. So, the member’s primary point is valid and negative comments never help anyone. Even Findagrave has asked members to be patient and not to inundate members with veteran status updates, so let’s give this member some respect.

      • Users should also be sure to only have a number of memorials that they can adequately handle. Sometimes the “documentation” can be personal knowledge as the deceased was a relative, etc. It is a mistake to assume that all edits submitted without documentation are inaccurate.

  20. My passion is linking up family members to essentially make family trees on FG so love your new changes. (I.e. NOTES section and DELETE save extra steps. Locking up sections, sometimes for months, caused me a lot of frustration so UNLOCKING was great too. ) Cheers. Bill

  21. Seems we lost the function to send ourselves a copy of what we send to the memorial manager.. This is a an important tool to keep track of info..

    • That function should still be showing as a checkmark on the Contact Manager page, where the message is written. Do you see a checkbox there?

      • Often, I send an edit to the bio, but do not send a message to the Manager, assuming the suggested edit is self-explanatory. Now that suggested edits to the bio can be sent directly, and not through Suggest Other Edits, I also would like to be able to send my suggested bio edits to myself as an email, to facilitate my follow up later, if needed.

  22. I received an email message from another contributor about an edit—-when I pulled up the memorial there was several edits to be approved—I had no suggested edits listed on my profile page. I wonder how many others are sitting out there and not showing up…..

    • Hi Judy, can you provide a memorial ID? This is likely a bug and we need more information to find it. Thank you.

  23. To FG Manager:
    East Coast Memorial ID 1989909 has at the moment 05/26/2023 10:25 Am EST only 503 matching records for Veteran. Why was it not done automatically by FG ? It has over 4600 veterans listed.

    • Hi William, Find a Grave marked memorials that were already imported with a military designation in the early years of the site. The veteran designation is editable under Suggest Edits for that memorial.

      • And it’s a shame that’s not an editable field because that “designation” is on a lot of memorials where it shouldn’t be (spouses, children, etc.).

        You send a message to the creator/manager of the memorial, and they can’t remove it either.

    • Veteran tags weren’t automatically applied – at least not in any of the U.S. national cemeteries I’ve encountered.

  24. Please go back to how it was before. I liked the other way with the group of names listed be for I accepted it. I like it when the families put in the information for me to accept. I don’t have a lot of time to do this but try my best to help people.

  25. The old Suggest Other Comment had a much longer character length. This made it possible to put the links and explanations into one message. It might be a better idea the switch the character lengths between notes and contact manager. This way the notes about the change will stay with the memorial. As it is I have to leave a note in the notes section for them to look for the change documentation in the contact manager section. This will eliminate them getting two messages.

  26. Not thrilled. I cannot even select all edits for a single person. Also, having to accept for each person is annoying and when the page refreshes, it jumps so that I am no longer seeing the first person on the page. I thought this was only on my cell phone, but I see it is also on my laptop.

    • We are working on bringing back a select all/accept all for each memorial set. What browser and device are you using when you see this jump? Where does the page jump to?

      • I am using an iPhone and Safari browser and the “Select All” button is not available at this time, you can only check the approve boxes for one person at a time.

      • We are working on adding Select All to the app. We’ll add it as soon as we can.

  27. Since the new update, we am missing all my accepted suggested edits from 2021, 2022, and 2023 except for May

    • I checked if I had the same problem.
      I selected all of 2021. Have 21956 approved edits. Starting in January, ending in December.
      Not saying you haven’t found a problem, but it’s not happening for everyone.

  28. While I appreciate the work these changes have taken, I am being overcome with edit suggestions of too many details. I manage 16,000 memorials but am not going to add many more because I am receiving hundreds of edits per week to mark Veterans, put a period after the middle initial, indicate M and F (Isn’t this passe with all the emphasis on LGBTQ issues? You can’t even say Miss, Mr., him, her anymore!), etc. I have enjoyed being a contributor, but oh, dear, this is literally becoming a part-time job for me.
    I am guilty of adding much information to memorials that are dear to me, but what happened to just finding the grave and maybe posting a photo of the gravestone? Find a Grave is now a genealogy tool linked to Ancestry.
    I want my memorials to be correct. That requires me to research these edits rather than wait for them to be automatically accepted when they may not be accurate. I had an edit to link a child to parents who were younger than him – too many George and Anna Smiths out there, and they made a wrong guess. I think others are overwhelmed also. I sent an edit that was declined with the comment, “I don’t have time to look this up. Try back next month.” I had no idea what my suggestion was, so I can’t go back to it next month! My work to research the family and send links was just dismissed. One of my valid suggested edits was declined with a comment, “Who the ___ are you and why the ___ do you want to change my memorial? You don’t know everything.” Oh, wow.
    I don’t necessarily want bio suggestions made directly to my memorials. I don’t mind a direct email edit suggestion, but if I accept bio info, is my previous bio going to be deleted? I don’t want to try one to find out. Yikes.
    Thank you for the opportunity to hear us.

    • For what it’s worth, a period after an initial is in the guidelines for Find A Grave.

      As for responses like the one you received? That’s against Find A Grave guidelines as well. That user should be reported with a screenshot of the message they sent.

      As for bio edits, it will show you what you had and what the revision looks like before you approve it or deny it. The only bio edits I’ve submitted since this started were to remove the names of living relatives (which is also against Find A Grave guidelines).

    • i absolutely agree with this. I am getting bombarded with the hundreds just to mark veteran or M / F I am certainly not going to spend half my day with these edits – I would need proof that someone is a veteran ( if the marker is not present ) I adopt hundreds of orphan memorials – research as much as possible & continue with mgmnt. of said memorial, but like you, its the research, a hobby, certainly not a part time job

      • It takes seconds to accept the M/F edit. If you clear all the other edits in your queue you can accept them in bulk by selecting all. If you have been researching them, why haven’t you entered the M/F already. Similarly with the Veteran marker you can easily add this and once it’s done it’s done. If it really is all too much for you just leave them to auto edit.

  29. What happened to “More search options”? When I press the box, it changes to “Fewer search options”. If I know the memorial number, there is no place to enter it.

    • We haven’t been able to replicate this issue. What device and browser are you using?

  30. For those questioning changing the Bio information. Today I went in and requested a change. I just typed under the existing information and when I saved the suggestion I went to my pending changes page clicked on the bio information (compare) and the existing information was there as well as my new additional information. We as contributors need to be careful of existing information.

  31. Cenotaph- Is there any way to link an actual grave to a cenotaph in a separate cemetery so that one name can show both?

  32. I’ve only just happened upon these changes today when making a suggestion. I think it’s lovely & had been much needed. Thank you!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
    My only request is: in the future, can PayPal be added as a payment form to sponsor memorials?

  33. There is new a problem with merged memorials and edits. I.e. if I suggest an edit that refers to a memorial, and that memorial gets merged, the edit will get rejected with the error message that the memorial no longer exists. This didn’t happen in the past. It used to follow to the other memorial that it was merged with. Thanks.

  34. I read with great interest and delight that I would be able to edit the memorials for my veteran ancestors and that the icon would be his/her dog-tags. I was able to complete that with a few ancestors. However, when I tried to edit my Benjamin Austin (#57026021), the resulting icon was not dog-tags, but rather just the letter “V”. Why??

  35. Does the Optional Notes on the new Edit screen send the notes to the writer’s email address like it does when you select the Contact Manager option?? If no, why not?? The notes I’ve left on the new Edit screen do NOT show on my Pending Edits screen!!

    I have ALWAYS used the “Send me a copy of this email” when contacting the owner via the Suggest Edits screen on the memorial so that I’ll have a copy of what I’ve told the owner about the changes I submitted to their memorial. I must have the copy in case the owner misinterprets something I’ve written or needs more details, and for my own documentation about that deceased person (usually one of my ancestors).

    • The notes attach to the edit or edits. You can see them in “Suggestions I’ve Sent” under pending/accepted/declined. The manager will also see them on their end in their pending edits queue. The manager and the member that sent the edits and notes can see them on the Suggest Edits page for that memorial as well.

  36. Cancelling edits – Should be individual (per each edit) and should also have an “are you sure you want to cancel?” feature before going through with the cancellation, I inadvertently cancelled several memorials suggestions all at once, when, that was definitely not my intent. It’s very frustrating and apparently cannot be undone. Very upset overall with this feature and lack of backstops.

  37. Most of you updates have been helpful. One that I think would be very nice would be to continue to be able to add additional information in ALL fields when someone has input the incorrect DOB. I am working on a tree where the manager of one profile has the person deceased at age 3. However, they also have her married. Not sure how this originally happened, but it did. Now I am in the process of getting things all corrected, including her DOB and adding all 4 of her husbands. The system will not allow me to add any of her husbands nor correct the one that is already there, #3. I would really like to be able to provide all the information and be done with this, not needing to wait and then go back, try to remember what I was working on and put everything in again.

    • You should be able to edit or suggest edits to all fields (unless there is an edit pending for that specific field). Spouses are reciprocally linked so you may need to go to other spouse to edit the link between them.

  38. Why have you turned off the auto-approvals after 21 days?

    They had been working properly for a few days, and now you’ve turned them off again.

  39. A) We need a different icon for veterans. The V is language specific and hard to see for low vision folks.
    B) please, findagrave admin — switch on the veteran’s indicator for ALL memorials that include the military title (ie PVT, SGT, etc) already on the memorial, en masse to save us all a lot of one at a time updates.
    C) Turn on the ability for us to use TITLE in the search function
    D) Give us the ability to search and sort by more than one thing
    E) Give us the ability to sort better in virtual cemeteries (I need to be able to sort the virtual grouping I’ve created by PLOT to organize sections to photograph)

  40. I manage over 7500 memorials – I am getting bombarded with edits. i just deleted 16 that were simply for Veteran or M / F status. I will not go thru each check box ( 35 last week ) and I am sure there will be more. Changing a memorial to Veteran status ( that currently has no marker or buried in military cemetery ) simply because someone requests so will not get an approval from me. Must submit proof & then that will open up more cans of worms. Not being able to see previous information is a problem I have taken on hundreds of Orphan memorials, thoroughly researching & adding any information, to help FAG out with what I expect, is a motherload of edit requests or auto approved edits. I think you guys have created more work for yourselves in this change

    • If the person is male or female, why not accept the edits or allow them to auto accept at 21 days?

  41. Since the switch to the V, when someone suggests an edit to Veteran, the “Current” shows No, but the “Suggested” blank. When I click accept to the blank, it does show the icon on the memorial.

  42. Love the fact that you have added the Veteran tag to those individuals Memorials that have served in our Armed Forces,some of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice.
    Also like the addition of the close relationship tag as well as the headstone photos that have been taken in the various cemeteries.
    When you have either created or Mange tens if not hundreds of thousands of memorials what you did is a big help in the edit department.
    Haven’t ran into any major problems–YET other than misreading the close relationship tags.I caught myself before I did too many of my immediate family,

    • We are finding that the veteran icon has been added (probably by Find a Grave but who can tell) to over 1600 civilian casualties in our account. We are deleting the icons one at a time but the icon still shows in our memorial page list. No explanation or response from Find a Grave. Perhaps one might appear here.

      • Any memorial that had information in the long-removed “Military” section automatically got the tag.

      • We’re sorry for this mistake and will fix this issue with the memorials in your account. Find a Grave did auto mark memorials that were originally imported with military designations in the early years of the site. It sounds like there was a mistake made many years back when they were originally added, which can easily be fixed. We’ll email you to sort out the details tomorrow.

  43. this is good, now can easily explain request for edits to the manager.

  44. When you go to accept/reject suggested edits, why with some edits is the title green and others orange? Do the colors mean anything?

    • Green is a new entry fir the memorial, ie adding a date date where there was none, yellow to suggest a change from what was there, and red shows deleting the information that was there. I hope this hel9s

  45. Many volunteers who initially created memorials are no longer active, and therefore never answer suggested edits. So we had to depend on the 21-day automatic update feature to get any edits posted. Has this feature been disabled? Some of my suggestions are more than 21 days old now.

    • I believe they need to be report to admin. why are they here? The site pretty much requires one to be active..

      I used to keep a copy and go back 6 months later and the percentage of them that added the info, was so low, it is a total waste of my time, to keep track of. so I really like the new bio edit part.

      • I deal with many (MANY) users who are “active” only for creating/collecting new memorials. They NEVER approve edits; they allow all edits to sit and just automatically approve after 21 days. To me, handling edits is part of the responsibility.

      • I get that! I have one who has been on Find a Grave for 15 years and has a bunch of my family, albeit distant. He/She hasn’t made an edit in over 5 years – all on auto. If there is an obit, I have to send it to Admin. to get it posted. I’d like to send F-a-G their member number(s) and see if they can check when the person was last active. If over a year, then F-a-G should take over their memorials or transfer them to those of us who will manage them.

      • Recently I send a message to Support regarding a member that seemed to me inactive. All edits go to auto-approve, and the person had not added a memorial in several years. Support emailed me back and let me know that the person, in fact, is logging in, so is not inactive. So, writing to Support about this issue is an option you can pursue.

      • If they’re not showing any activity at all, it’s certainly worth sending an e-mail to inquire.

      • They don’t have an email posted on their profile page. I have sent obits in “other suggestions” and they are ignored so I don’t know if they get the message or not. For all I know the manager may be deceased and no one has told F-a-G! It would be a great help if, when we run across one of the “old” managers and get no reply, that F-a-G could check and see when they were last active and take over their memorials or transfer them to someone who will manage them.

      • Yep. Last I heard, they’re about 3 weeks behind on e-mails so it could be a while unfortunately.

  46. This may have already been addressed, but I am late to the game in this department. Cenotaphs are now creating “phantom siblings” since they are being allowed to have family links. Also, this new way of marking doesn’t give an option to link the cenotaph to the actual burial. Are these issues that will eventually be phased out, or are they the new norm? I am not a fan.

    • For now, you can create a link between the cenotaph and the actual burial memorial. There are times that there is only a cenotaph memorial and it would be used to link to family members. If there is a cenotaph and an actual burial memorial, the family links would be added to the actual burial and the cenotaph hyperlinked to the memorial with the actual burial location.

  47. The Auto Accepted Edits function appears to be totally disabled. I submitted edits to 9 memorials on 5/5, edits to 5 memorials on 5/6, and edits to 7 memorials on 5/7 that have not been accepted by the manager and should have been auto accepted by now. Some edits older than 21 days were somehow accepted last week, but the email did not say they were auto accepted. I have asked how they were processed but never received a response. It should be a priority to get this function working as it did prior to the upgrade, including having the email say Auto Accepted.

    • Yes, it is off again for some reason. It was off a couple of days when these new updates went into effect, but then it was back on.

      Now it is off again for some reason:

  48. With the; What if I suggest edits and the manager doesn’t respond?
    Have patience. Many members receive hundreds of edits every month and it may take a while for them to research your suggestions. Members have 21 days to accept or decline suggested edits. If the edit is not declined it is automatically accepted after 21 days.

    I got suggestion’s I put out on the 7 May, and its the 29 May and its still not automatically accepted

    • Of course it takes a while for managers. The auto accept is a Find A Grave features that kicks in after 21 days because otherwise the queue of pending edits can become very long. The auto accept is not working and your example of an edit you submitted on May 7 that has not been processed by May 29 is an example of auto accept not working.

    • And sometimes managers aren’t “reseearching” at all, but they just choose to let all edits sit and go to auto-approve.

      Fortunately, it appears that they have turned auto-approve back on now.

  49. Today I have been working on updating the memorial I manage with the veterans status. I have notices something odd. When I go to my memorials, some are showing the V. A great many are not, however when I go to the actual memorial the “V” is there. I am thinking the somewhere in the coding they changed it from the dog tags and those show the “V”, yet anything think I did after changing the dog tag to a “V” isn’t updating. Example Charles H Mackin Jr., MID: 243133738 shows the V on the memorial, but not on my memorials page. I find I have to go in and check every memorial. I have just under 400 memorials so it isn’t a huge deal, but those with more may find it inconvenient..

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