A Big Thank You!

THANK YOU to the Find a Grave® community, millions of members working together toward the greater good. Your willingness to help others is present in every memorial you create, photo and GPS location you add, update you suggest or make on memorials, and as you work in collaboration with others.

Each community member has an interest in the past and that fact brings us working together here and now. We all contribute in our own way, finding activities that interest us and fit within our schedule. The site is such a great help to so many people and it can only be that because of work that you are doing. Together, you have worked together to build memorials over all these years and at the same time have built the collaborative Find a Grave community.

We’d like to share some site numbers so you can easily see your impact overall. We are grateful for you!

Contributions to Find a Grave.

Again, the biggest and most sincere thank you for your hard work and contributions to this shared and vital work. As a community, we are here to help each other. We’d love for you to share how a member has helped you in the comments below.


  1. No Guts, No Glory ID 46889469 was very helpful to me when I was posting a family members find-a-grave. This site is a wonderful tribute to those who have passed on. Thank you No Guts, No Glory for all your help.

  2. My interest and gratefulness is beyond my strength as an senior citizen. And my hope is younger members of findagrave will pick up the torch and continue this worthwhile cause. It has been a joy to participate in Eastern Canada while youth lasted.

  3. Wow! Those stats are incredible! I love being a part of this community. Carol

  4. When I discovered Find a Grave and became a member it was a low time in my life. I decide to make it my hobby and would go out on Sat. and Sundays taking photos (with a small digital camera – before cell phone cameras were widely used). Taking 3-400 photos at a time (I called it “mowing the rows”) i would wait until a rainy or cold day to sit at home and upload them. I was confused about how it all worked and a volunteer named “June” would help me online when I didn’t know what to do. She was patient and kind and EXTREMELY helpful! Although June and I never met, we chatted online often. I haven’t heard from her for a number of years and just found out she passed away. I have always tried to be as helpful as June was to me when I see someone messages me that has recently joined Find a Grave. I hope to pass along the kind consideration she always gave to others. I probably wouldn’t have lasted long when I first started without the kindness of others who preceded me.

    • Thank you for your work and thank you for posting this helpful post, and how June helped you and you are helping others. There are some things that I would like to know about my dead relatives that I never got to meet. I have Ancestry.com but I don’t know how to go about doing this. Can you find time to help me?

  5. Best website of this kind around. Always amazing how so many different people help you and how many different people you can help.

  6. I thank you as well, and my fellow contributors for giving me the opportunity to find and collect my dearest departed from all around the world. Truly one of my favorite places to be apart of. Good work

  7. I believe in helping each other. I have had some wonderful experiences and a couple not so much – the good far out weighs the bad. I love that I can help someone find just that little bit extra of their family history.

  8. I have been able to help individuals that request information within a facebook group that I have joined. How, because I looked up the information on findagrave and passed on the Find a Grave site information. Thanks to everyone that has entered information.

  9. Finding long lost ones has been a big part of my life.. If there is someone out there that has the same love as me I’m more than willing to share.. Thank you for changing the true meaning of find a grave🌷

  10. Find a grave is the best genealogy website I have ever found it has helped me tremendously

  11. There are no words to describe how much I love Find a Grave. I’ve been with you almost 15 years, and use you every day. This is a true labor of love for me. I began my ancestral search over 50 years ago. I sure wish I would have had you back then! I’ve met so many truly sweet and friendly people, and yes, some not so friendly, but just know, I love this work. Thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf. Find a Grave is a true researchers dream! I feel blessed to have contributed a small portion, and look forward to more great friendships.

  12. Blessings to all who willingly go out and do the hard work of locating, documenting etc. of grave sites, helping those of us who are too old or physically unable to do it. Thank you!

  13. A great website and wonderful online community of which I’m glad to be part of

  14. This is such a pleasure to be a part of. Find a Grave has helped me in so many ways, I love finding people and adding to their families. I am not on as much as I would like, but it is like a tightly knitted family. And everyone helps each other, which is even better.

  15. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on Find A Grave but a special mention to Mike Perring 47956405, Richie Wright 48346415, Randy Orrison 48048405 and Woowoo 49949980.
    Find a Grave has been a godsend to me and I’m now trying to link up all my family.
    Keep up the good work.

  16. My husband passed away in 1971. I did not understand why I could never find his Find a Grave marker. Then one day I was on here and I did find it. It was volunteers doing the work. I had moved away and was never able to get back. Thank you ever so much. I live in a very small town and I am sure there are many that buried there loved ones and moved on. What an honor.

  17. My wife’s grandmother was buried in England and we live in Canada. She was buried with her parents and the gravestone was supposed to be updated to include her. We had a picture of the old gravestone but no way to ensure the gravestone was updated. The Find a Grave member “Searchlight” who lives nearby the cemetery was gracious enough to go, find the tombstone, and take some pictures and we were delighted to see the stone had indeed been updated. My daughter and I try to pay it forward by fulfilling photo requests at cemeteries wherever we visit.

  18. I am proud of being a member of this great website it’s a big part of my life and I am always amazed at how volunteers continue to help each other.

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