Photo Volunteer Settings

As a member of Find a Grave, you can choose to be a photo volunteer and be notified by email when a new photo request is created in your area. You can become a photo volunteer when you first create your account and once you have an account you can change your Photo Volunteer settings in your Account page.

To get to your account, place the cursor over your profile image at the top right of the website and click, “Account” from the drop down list that appears. On the left of the Account page is a list of different account settings you can adjust, one of these is “Photo Volunteer.”

In the Photo Volunteer area of the Account page, you can opt in or out of being a photo volunteer and turn on or off email notifications of new photo requests.

You can also set your home location. Setting your home location helps us know which photo requests are in your area. You can set your location by adding a US Zip code or by placing a pin on a map. We don’t display this location on the site, but we’ll use it to know which new photo requests to notify you about. When a new photo request comes in the system sends emails to volunteers who live closest to the cemetery from which the photo was requested.

The last option in the Photo Volunteer section of the account page is the search radius. This lets you specify how far you are able to travel to fulfill a photo request. Note: This radius can be a bit fuzzy, depending on how much detail we have for cemeteries near you. Occasionally a cemetery doesn’t have a GPS location and the address we have for it is not very specific, perhaps only indicating the county. In cases like that, you may be notified of a photo request that is farther away than what you’d specified, but typically the requests we email you about will be within the radius you set.

Once you have all your Photo Volunteer settings updated, click the “Save Changes” button and you’re all set.

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  1. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I want to a find a grave photographer.

  2. I’d welcome the chance to be a photo volunteer.

  3. What a wonderful thing you are doing!!! it is sad some people don’t care and do things like this…..GREAT JOB!!!

  4. I feel honoured to be a Find a Grave photo volunteer.
    When we are travelling in France I always search to see if there are any photo requests in the area. This has led us to some beautiful, out of the way places and we have learnt some very interesting stories.

  5. I was in the war graves of Syracuse and Catania Scicily last week taking photos of individual graves from WW2 to put on certain military websites so families can have the picture of the loved ones grave stone as a comfort when they can’t be there to remember them. I spoke to the three cemetery gardeners all cousins doing a fantastic job and their father’s before them.
    It’s so important to document graves by photography because it makes families feel someone cares about their love ones and can help document the history of their family

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