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Have you ever wondered what cemeteries Find a Grave has in your area or a place you are visiting? The Cemeteries page is a great place to start. You can get to it by clicking the “Cemeteries” link at the top of the site.

On the Cemeteries page, you can search for a cemetery by name and/or location and get a list of cemeteries matching your search.

You can also use the Map View on the page to to see cemeteries in an area. By default, the map will use your current location, if you allow your browser to know it or, if you are a photo volunteer, it will use the location you have set in your Photo Volunteer settings. You can also search the map by typing a location in the Cemetery Location field and choosing an option from the dropdown, but not clicking the “Search” button. This will update the map to the location you entered and show you the cemeteries we have for that location.

On the map, cemeteries are marked with pins. An orange pin indicates a cemetery. A green pin indicates a cemetery with an open photo request and a white pin with a dotted border, indicates a cemetery that we don’t have a precise location for. A circle with a number in it indicates that multiple cemeteries have been combined under one marker. Clicking the circle will adjust the view to show the cemeteries under that number.

You can also click and drag the map to move to another area, double click to zoom in or use the zoom in and out controls to adjust the zoom level.

The Cemeteries page is also where you’ll find a list of your Favorite Cemeteries and My Virtual Cemeteries.

One Find a Grave member who likes to visit cemeteries while on vacation told us about how they use the Cemeteries page to find cemeteries, add a few photos or fulfill a photo request in the areas they visit. We hope the Cemeteries page can help you with your work on Find a Grave too.


  1. Please make it easier to search for a cemetery. I find that if I don’t enter the exact correct name nothing will show up. It should be that if one word entered of the name of the cemetery, all cemeteries in that area with that word in the name should show up.
    Example if I type in Hillcrest Cemetery and the correct name is Hillcrest Memorial Park., All cemeteries in the area with the word Hillcrest in the name should show up

    • Thanks for your comment. In this specific example, if you search with “Hillcrest” only, cemeteries named Hillcrest Cemetery and Hillcrest Memorial Park will come up in the results. All the cemeteries that have Hillcrest in the cemetery name or aka will be listed. If it isn’t working in that manner, please email us at with the example. We’ve tested it and it seems to be working.

  2. I am looking forward to the day when you enter the name of the cemetery, and the name of all the residents will appear and the location of their plot.

  3. I’d like to see cemetery ratings, rankings and reviews without cemetery input or advertising. I know,. fat chance. There needs to be a way to fund it without false reviews or cemetery influence, just stats and updated photographs. A horror Youtube documentary by FindaGrave on abandoned cemeteries, history of burial rituals and practices would be fun if kept factual and respectable..

  4. When you know someone exists in a cemetery, in my case I verified this by email with the sexton, but they are not yet on Find A Grave, what is the proper way to request that someone go seek out a specific grave and add them to Find A Grave? In some cases I have section and grave #s.

  5. On any cemetery page under contribute click on “add a Memorial”.

  6. Mark North, Look up the cemetery in Find-a-Grave and on the “home page” of the cemetery there is a row of buttons. The first one says “Add a memorial” If you click there a whole information page appears where you add whatever accurate information you have. If you don’t know for sure, don’t guess, leave it blank. When you finish the information, click Add Memorial and it will post to that cemetery in Find-a-Grave. Now anyone can add a picture and if someone has more information or corrections to your information, they can click “suggest edits” on the memorial page and add their information. You, as manager of the memorial will then get an email and you can accept or reject the suggestions they have made. Be very careful that you are not duplicating a memorial that already exists for the person. For instance a person may have used their middle name in life and have their middle name on their gravestone. Someone who “read” the cemetery and added information from gravestones would have created a memorial in that name. You may have a full name from a death certificate or other document. So again, make sure you are not creating a duplicate of a memorial that already exists.

  7. If I know the month and year a person died and also the state, but not the exact city, how do I locate that grave?

    • Usually the records will be found at the county level. Get the death cert from the county clerk. On it will be the funeral home. The funeral home will have the name of the cemetery.

  8. I typed in Saint Peter’s Cemetery, New Brunswick, NJ where all of my Dad’s family are buried and it said zero cemeteries, how is that possible?

  9. I am pretty certain that my great-great grandparents are buried at Belle Vernon Cemetery, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. One of their sons is buried there along with some of his children. There is a death certificate for my gg grandfather in 1907 that states his burial is in Belle Vernon, and that he is a widower. There is not a death certificate for my gg grandmother because she died before him, most likely in 1905 because there were not mandatory death certificates in Pennsylvania until January 1, 1906. I believe they are both buried at Belle Vernon Cemetery without a grave marker.

    It was suggested that I might be able to find their deaths listed in a nearby newspaper. I don’t currently have a paid ancestry subscription so I don’t know how I will be able to do that. I would like to do a find-a-grave memorial for both but can’t seem to verify that they are at Belle Vernon Cemetery.

    I contacted Belle Vernon Cemetery a few weeks ago to ask if they have a list of everyone who is buried at their cemetery, but so far haven’t heard anything. I gave them the section number that their son is buried in as well.
    I don’t know how I will ever be able to find out for certain that they are buried at Belle Vernon Cemetery.

  10. i would like to have the possibility to have a map for every cementry where all grave with a photo with gps has a pin. so it would be easier to get know if there are all graves on the cementry added on findagrave or only a few. it could also be useful if you find a grave on findagrave to locate it on the map to find it in real life on the cementry.

    • We’re happy to help. If you haven’t received a response in a timely manner you can contact us at with the details such as memorial number and your relationship. We’ll work on the transfer for you.

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