Adding Plot to Search

In a recent update, we added plot information to the search index so that you can search for memorials that include plot information and we can display plot information on the search result lists. You can add plot to your search from the homepage, the memorials page, the cemetery search page, on the list of memorials you manage or wherever the new search is used.

To limit your search to memorials with plot information, open the “More search options” and check the box next to “Plot info.”

In the search results list, you’ll find the plot information on the right side, under the cemetery name and location. You can sort the results list by plot information using the dropdown at the top right of the results list.

The usefulness of this new feature depends on the amount and quality of plot information that Find a Grave® members have added to the site, but where good plot information exists, this can be a really helpful way to narrow your results, see who is buried nearby and find a grave when GPS coordinates have not been added for the memorial.


  1. In the UK, plot info is rarely useful because many churchyards/cemeteries have no readily available burial plot plan to help with a search. GPS coordinates can be helpful, but only for volunteers who work with their smartphones – not all do. Requesters will sometimes make an assumption about a burial/cemetery location, which can lead to wasted hours and travel for photo volunteers

  2. yes, love this feature. Helps me find other memorials without a photo in the same area. Great for National Cemeteries.

  3. Excellent! I just collected records for a small cemetery to build a new map for a historical society and can use this to verify the FindaGrave entries.

  4. Lots of stuff here but nothing that gets me the ability to search for anything. What good is that?

  5. I’m try to find a unmarked burial ground for black slaves who were killed crossing the Ohio River from West Virginia to Meigs and Vinton Co. Ohio to shelter in my family’s root cellar.

  6. Do you have cemetary information from Renfrew County in Ontario Canada for grave sites in the mid-1800’s?

  7. Interesting. I will try it out. One thing that would REALLY be useful to me would be the ability to search across multiple locations. For example, if I had birth and death dates for a common name, say John Smith, and I wanted to search for him in neighboring counties, states or provinces. Right now I have to search in each county or state (USA) for that person separately. Any of these features would help: (1) some pre-named regions we can select like “Midwest, USA” or “Maritime Provinces, Canada”; (2) a way to broaden the location as is done for dates like EXACT, within 50, 100,1000 miles, and/or “include nearest” counties/states/etc; (3) a multi-select feature to pick more than one cemetery location. If these were done it would be helpful to be able to sort the results by distance out or at least group them by the different states, counties, or regions chosen.

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