Using Virtual Cemeteries

A Virtual Cemetery is a collection of Find a Grave memorials that someone has chosen to group together for whatever reason they like. They are a great way to save and organize memorials you are interested in.

You can use a Virtual Cemetery to bring together members of a family who are buried in different physical cemeteries, to group members of a high school graduating class or military unit, to collect famous or interesting memorials or however else you like.

Virtual Cemeteries can be private, so only you can see them, or public so that you can share them with other people who might be interested in the same group of memorials.

To create a Virtual Cemetery or add a memorial to one, click the “Save To” button on a memorial and choose “Virtual Cemetery” from the options.

You’ll find a list of your Virtual Cemeteries on the Cemeteries page or on your Profile, and more information about Virtual Cemeteries in this help file.


  1. I’ve been building Virtual Cemeteries for quite a while by surname. I’ve also made suggestions to tie the families together.

  2. When I want to look up more information for an entry, say at the library or historical society, I put the entry in a virtual cemetery Called GET THIS. Then when I get to my primary resource, it’s a simple look up.

  3. I have used virtual cemeteries when a person has been cremated and there is no actual place they are buried. If later, the person is laid to rest in an an actual grave, I would then change entry to an actual grave and Cemetery. I set it up like a real graveside but indicate more information to be provided later.

  4. VCs do become scroll intensive as there is no Search function. A VC could also be a useful as a filter when looking at a real cemetery to list only those memorials found in the VC. At present, VCs don’t integrate nor have any Traverse to Previous/ Next function. When VCs get big, the return to the list often loses the focus and sends the user to the top of the list. Very inefficient.

    • Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. It’s true, scrolling through a VC can take time. We’ve passed this on to our development team for review.

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