A Flower for Voters

Here in the United States we have an election coming up and there is a lot of talk about voting. We saw this article about people putting “I Voted” stickers on the tombstone of Susan B. Anthony as a tribute to her work to help women get the vote. To help preserve the gravestone, the cemetery has placed a clear cover over the stone that people can put their stickers on.

Of course, leaving a virtual flower on Find a Grave won’t cause any damage to a stone, so to make it easier to say thank you to the people who helped give you the right to vote, we’ve added a couple of images to the Miscellaneous category of flowers.

Here are a few suffragists’ memorials on Find a Grave, but you could use these flowers to honor anyone you like.


  1. Just my opinion and my 2 cents worth. I do not think the website FindAGrave should have done this. It feels too political on a memorial site, which I feel should be apolitical. If a member wants to leave a sentiment of I voted, they can easily create their own flower. Again, just my opinion.

    • I think this is a wonderful idea! Not so much about the “I Voted” stickers but about educating people on the women in our history who paved the way for women to vote today!!

  2. I think putting politics and gravesites are in poor taste and putting politics in find-a-grave is a bad idea that could cause huge problems if families argue.

  3. I do not think this is a good idea. What you suggest, may lead to unfortunate consequences. The last thing we need is people defacing memorials, albeit virtual. Politics and personal beliefs have no place on a departed individual’s memorial. It may suggest an idea that the memorialized, might find offensive, were they able to speak.

  4. FYI….the people of the Suffrage Movement, were political. Saying “I Voted”, is a Civic Duty sentiment…it doesn’t say which party I voted for. It’s “honoring them”.

  5. Voting has nothing to do with mission of Find-A-Grave. How utterly ridiculous! A ‘flower’ stating “I voted” does not honor the deceased in any way.

  6. I don’t think this is a great idea….I won’t use it, NOW or NEVER

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