African American Medal of Honor Recipients from the Civil War

Approximately 180,000 African American men fought in the Civil War. Their bravery and courage played a crucial role in helping the United States Army to victory. Twenty-five of those soldiers were recipients of the highest military award for valor – the Medal of Honor. To honor their service and sacrifice, we have gathered their Find A Grave memorials together into a virtual cemetery that yields inspiring stories of their heroism.

For example, Christian Abraham Fleetwood served as a sergeant major in the 4th Regiment of the United States Colored Infantry. On September 29, 1864, Fleetwood’s regiment fought in the Battle of Chaffin’s Farm near Richmond, Virginia. While charging the enemy, a fellow soldier bearing two flags was wounded. Fleetwood grabbed the colors before they could touch the ground, and when it became clear that he couldn’t penetrate the enemy line, he retreated back to the reserve line and used the flag to rally more soldiers. 

Fleetwood’s official Medal of Honor citation reads, “Seized the colors, after two color bearers had been shot down, and bore them nobly through the fight.”

We’ve gathered Fleetwood’s and all other African American Medal of Honor recipients Find a Grave memorials together in one place. Click on each memorial in the virtual cemetery to read the Medal of Honor citations. 

Take a moment during Black History Month to learn more about the brave and selfless sacrifices of these Medal of Honor recipients. 

-Find a Grave Team