A Couple of Updates

Here are a couple of quick updates:
First, today we rolled some changes to the site. They include bug fixes, stability improvements, a significant update to the memorial page based on feedback we’ve received from the Find a Grave community and a new color theme for memorial pages that brings back some of the colors from the old site. You can change the theme you see in the Site Preferences section of the account page.

Second, we have been working on some much needed updates the security of passwords on the site. We’ve rolled some changes to the process for new users and for those who are changing their passwords, but in the coming days we’ll be asking all users to update their passwords and new passwords will have some more strict requirements. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience we know this will cause, but these are important changes to help us keep your information secure. (Update: Don’t worry about changing your password now. When we have completed our updates, we’ll need everyone to update their passwords, so if you change it now, you’ll need to change it again later.)

We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve received and hope you will continue to let us know how we can improve the site. The “send feedback” button at the bottom right of most pages of the site is the best way to get it to us.


  1. I would like to correct some information. Your sight states that James Henry Murphy is interned in Tilghman Cemetery. I am sure you assume this because his wife Anna Matilda is. They are my great grand parents. James was murdered aboard ship and is buried in Baltimore County. Danna Murphy Murden

    • Hi Danna, members can update memorials through “Suggest Edits” on the memorial pages. You can also request a transfer of these memorials through “Suggest Edits” and then scroll down to “Suggest other Correction” and ask for the transfer in that form. Thank you!

  2. How do you delete a memorial for a still living person? A memorial was entered and transferred to me. However this person is still living and wants it removed. There used to be a delete button but not any longer.

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