Relatives and Transfer Guidelines

Find a Grave members have done and continue to do an incredible service by documenting burials, adding memorials to the site and managing them! Find a Grave would not exist without the work of incredible members and your continued efforts.

In our ideal world each memorial on Find a Grave would be managed by someone who had a connection to or knowledge about the person memorialized, but that will never be the case. As a community, we depend on people who generously volunteer their time to add, maintain and update information on people they aren’t related to and don’t even know. These members do a wonderful service.

Often times, after a memorial has been created, a family member, relative or someone else with a connection to the person memorialized finds it and would like to manage that memorial. Most often, memorial managers are willing to transfer these because they know that someone with knowledge of the person will likely make the best manager of the memorial, but in some cases memorial managers are hesitant to transfer memorials.

Over the years Find a Grave has developed transfer guidelines to help clarify when a manager should transfer a memorial to a family member. These guidelines are not intended to disrespect the work of those who create these memorials, but to help balance everyone’s interests and provide clear guidance.

This is difficult subject to traverse as there are many people related to one person. Our transfer guidelines have served well, but the site has grown exponentially, and we continue making improvements to best serve our members.

Right now, our memorial transfer guidelines include mandatory transfers for direct line family members (spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparent, great-grandparent, grandchild, great-grandchild), but the most connected family members are not always those in a direct line.

We’d be curious to hear your thoughts on the idea of our transfer guidelines being more rounded instead of only direct line – adding aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, first cousin, or _____?

We’re also interested in your perspective on the idea of transferring memorials to any family member when requested if the memorial manager is not themselves related.

Please share your thoughts with us through the comments below!


  1. In my opinion if there is no one directly related that has requested a transfer then those who are closest kin should be able to request especially when they are avid genealogist like myself. I have cousins who go to their parents Graves znd put flowers on but aren’t findagrave members. I really don’t see why a person that created 50,000 memorials should maintain if they don’t know them. Transfer them to kin who will correct.


  2. When a person acts mean and crazy, harassing and demanding, no one should transfer to that person, relative or no. It encourages insane behavior.


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