You can use the Find A Grave Community Forums to get answers from other members to many of your questions. Be sure to find the first post on any of the official forums and follow the instructions listed there.
Use this email to request that a memorial be added to Honoring, Interesting Monuments, or Interesting Epitaphs or to mark a memorial as a cenotaph, report an inappropriate biography, and any other issues concerning memorials.

Note: to suggest changes to name, birth/death, plot, inscription, family links, use Suggest Edits on the memorial.
This is where you would report copyright issues, an unresponsive transfer requests or a deceased contributor; assign Fallen Graver stewardship or send all other questions.
You can use this email or the Cemetery Correction/Update forum to submit cemetery updates including adding a cemetery bio, GPS, address, town, name corrections, and AKAs.
Send issues concerning famous memorial bios, duplicates or Posthumous Reunions to this email. For suggestions about the name, birth/death, plot, inscription or family links on famous memorials, use the Suggest Edits on the memorial.
Use this email to suggest a missing location, correct a location spelling, report duplicate location in the geographic database or other geography questions. Read here “How do I add a location that does not show in your database?” before submitting. Note: Do not use for cemetery updates or duplicates.
This email is for reporting an inappropriate photo, adding a cemetery photo to cemeteries without photo option or correcting a cemetery photo.
This email address is for urgent matters only, meaning it is a pressing issue that needs immediate attention and the issue is not covered in the descriptions of email addresses above noted.

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